#33 Kay Peacey: How to use Facebook to grow your business

November 6, 2018

We have an info-packed episode for you this week. We’re chatting with digital marketing expert, Kay Peacey, all about how you can use Facebook to grow your business. 
Organic reach (aka you don’t pay for it) for Facebook business pages got very squished in 2018. Kay tells us  what we can do about it that isn’t throwing in the towel and storming off muttering about “Bloody Facebook!”
The biggest takeaway…. step away from the tempting blue ‘Boost’ button of doomed tenners that you’ve been chucking blindly at Facebook, and get smarter about the paid ads you run.  
Turns out there’s a stack of great tech behind the scenes. And once you know where to look and how to use it, you too can unleash the magic of retargeting (that thing where the dress you looked at on ASOS follows you round the internet).  
Listen and learn – there’s a whole lot you didn’t even know you didn’t know about Facebook Ads!
Here are some of the links that Kay mentions during the chat….
The Facebook Newsfeed blog post – in which Kay outlines what you can do to help your page posts show in newsfeeds without paying for it
The Don’t Panic About GDPR blog post – in which Kay tells you how hard it is to actually get busted for GDPR non-compliance and talks you down from the ledge
The Free Facebook Pixel Tutorial – in which you can sign up to get access to the ridiculously easy and fast pixel tutorial and take your first and most important step on the road to smarter ads

The Smarter Facebook Ads course – in which Kay and Melissa steer their students safely through the scary but oh-so-worth it world of Facebook and Instagram ads. Use the code SHOOTEDIT20 to get 20% off the course, handy!




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