#30 MeliaMelia: Capturing wild and free child photography

October 9, 2018

We recorded this week’s episode at the Farmer’s Market in Brighton, hosted by the Photography Farm. 


In this episode we chat to Yorkshire based husband & wife team, the lovely Jo & James Melia (known as MeliaMelia).


When we saw that Jo & James were speaking at the show, we were keen to book them for an interview as their style of photography is wild and raw and quite different to many of the other family photographers we have interviewed so far. 


We chat about lots of things including:


– How they dealt with their first experience of being trolled recently


– How they work together as a team


– How they photograph children in a wild and free way


– Why they’ve just switched from Canon to Sony


– How they’ve grown their Instagram following to over 12k


And lots more! Really hope you enjoy our chat with them. 



MeliaMelia website

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