#17 Fiona Humberstone: Creating a compelling brand

May 17, 2018

This week we are chatting to The Brand Stylist, Fiona Humberstone.

Fiona is a renowned author, speaker, trainer and blogger who has been helping business owners create compelling brands for nearly 20 years.

In our chat we talk about:

  • Why it’s important for photographers to have a strong brand
  • How much visual identity plays in your brand
  • Should you hire a designer or is it ok to design your own logo
  • What colour psychology is and how it can influence your branding decisions
  • How to know what seasons your photography and brand fall into
  • Whether your personality influence your brand
  • How to market yourself without the hard sell
  • Why you should charge properly for your services
  • Whether blogging is still important for photographers

As you can see we cover a LOT of ground!

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Fiona offers some truly insightful tips for creating a compelling brand for creative entrepreneurs and we hope you get a lot from this episode.

The Brand Stylist website

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Fiona’s blog post on how to market yourself without the hard sell

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